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Topics in Urban Entomology

Perspectives in Urban Entomology

The origin for the series was the awareness that some of the important leaders in the development of urban entomology as a discipline are retiring and these positions are often not being replaced. Digital archives of the contributions of past leaders such as Arnold Mallis, Walter Ebeling, Norman Hickin, and Phil Hadlington were never recorded. Online instruction and conferences have become a reality because of the COVID pandemic. The ability to record and preserve presentations exists and we now have the capability of producing and disseminating digital recordings.  


Arnold Mallis photo
Arnold Mallis (1910-1984) authored the seminal text Handbook of Pest Control


Meet the industry and research leaders in Urban Entomology in this timely seminar series. The series includes presentations devoted to the history and emergence of urban entomology as a discipline, major research achievements, and future directions.

This site serves as a repository of presentations by the leaders in urban entomology. Future urban entomologists will have a digital record of their achievements, opinions, and prospects for the future.

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