German cockroach

UC Riverside Urban Pest Management Conference (UCR UPMC) ONLINE in 2020

29 th Urban Pest Management Conference 2020 -- ONLINE. Due to UCR campus closure associated with COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 UPMC is now organized in an online webinar format taking place May 18 - 20, 2020. Topics to be covered (webinars): Managing bed bugs and German cockroaches in apartment buildings, commensal rodents & the impacts of...
Ant close-up

A Closer Look: Argentine Ant Control

PCT MAGAZINE -- Research out of UCR finds that even though Argentine ant control is labor intensive, the use of various formulations of perimeter sprays and baits may help reduce treatment times for PMPs. Editor’s note: This research was conducted by the University of California, Urban Entomology Laboratory. Syngenta provided financial support and necessary products...
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Dr. Chow-Yang Lee

Dr. Chow-Yang Lee Joins UC-Riverside

PCT MAGAZINE -- Acclaimed entomologist Dr. Chow-Yang Lee recently joined the University of California, Riverside, Department of Entomology as endowed presidential chair in Urban Entomology. His official start date was July 1. Lee comes to UC-Riverside from the Universiti Sains Malaysia where he performed a broad spectrum of applied research and studied insect toxicology. Lee...
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Adult potato-tomato psyllid

Some Bugs Like it Hot: Climate Change and Agricultural Pests

Potato grower Brian Kirschenmann bent over the deep green plants in his field in New Cuyama, nestled in a verdant valley an hour southwest of Bakersfield, and looked at the bottom of each leaf. Next to him, his crop advisor Gary Toschi examined a leaf under a magnifying glass. “That one is active,” said Toschi...
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Team Including UC Riverside Entomologist Honored for Research Leading to Healthier Potato Chips

John Trumble will be recognized by the Entomological Foundation in November John Trumble is a distinguished professor of entomology at UC Riverside.PHOTO COURTESY OF J. TRUMBLE, UC RIVERSIDE. RIVERSIDE, Calif. — A research team that includes John Trumble , a distinguished professor of entomology at the University of California, Riverside, has won the Integrated Pest...
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Asian citrus psyllid nymphs on lemon (c) Mike Lewis

Entomologists to Discuss Threat and Management of Wide Range of Insect Pests

Daylong conference will take place Sept. 19 in Temecula winery RIVERSIDE, Calif. — How are chemical pesticides impacting honey bees? How can the spread of the deadly Asian citrus psyllid be controlled by a wasp, its natural enemy? Could the olive fruit fly be similarly controlled? How could oils control snails and bugs? And what...
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Female Green Peach Aphid clone

Rapid Evolution Within Single Crop-growing Season Increases Insect Pest Numbers

UC Riverside research could help prevent crop loss, pest outbreaks RIVERSIDE, Calif. – New research by scientists at the University of California, Riverside shows that evolution – genetic changes in populations over time – can occur so rapidly in organisms that its impact on population numbers and other aspects of biology can be seen within...
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