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Urban Entomology @ UCR

Richard S. Vetter, M.S.

Les GreenbergResearch Interests

  • Pest management of ants, yellowjackets, spiders
  • Medical arachnology especially the brown recluse spider, its distribution and the overdiagnosis of its bites

Recent & Forthcoming Publications

  1. Vetter, R. S. 2005. Arachnids submitted as suspected brown recluse spiders (Araneae: Sicariidae): Loxosceles spiders are virtually restricted to their known distributions but are perceived to exist throughout the United States. J. Medical Entomol. 42:512-521.
  2. Swanson, D. L. and R. S. Vetter. 2005. Bites of brown recluse spiders and suspected necrotic arachnidism. New England J. Med. 352:700-707.
  3. Vetter, R. S. and A. Mafra-Neto. 2006. Documentation and comments regarding identification of Vespula vulgaris (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) in southern California mountains. Pan-Pac. Entomol. 82:36-45.
  4. Vetter, R. S., B. B. Pagac, R. W. Reiland, D. T. Bolesh and D. L. Swanson. 2006. Skin lesions in barracks: consider community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection instead of spider bites. Military Medicine 171:830-832.
  5. Vetter, R. S. and G. K. Isbister. 2008. Medical aspects of spider bites. Ann. Rev. Entomol. 53: 409-429

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